Presentations, Abstracts & More

Kevin Zollman: Social Networks, Learning, and Bandit Problems

presentation    abstract

Slobodan Perović: The Team and Project Composition in Big Physics Experiments

presentation    abstract

Davide Grossi: Mutual Bayesian Persuasion 

presentation    abstract

Jan van Eijck: Update: Probability, Knowledge and Belief

presentation & abstract

Bernhard Salow: Expecting Misleading Evidence

hand-out     abstract

Rasmus K. Rendsvig and Dominik Klein : DEL and Dynamical Systems: A Metric on the Set of Kripke Models


Jeremy Seligman: Varieties of group knowledge

presentation    abstract

Marcel Kiel: Judgment Aggregation and Minimal Change: Reaching a Consensus by Revising Beliefs

presentation    abstract

Thomas Bolander: Epistemic Planning With Implicit Coordination

presentation    abstract

Dunja Šešelja: Agent Based Models and Interaction Among Scientists – A Critical Look

Hanna van Lee: The Epistemic Reliability of Scientific Communities

Giovanni Ciná: Bisimulation for conditional logics

Sonja Smets and Alexandru Baltag: The Garden of Sneaky Delights: A belief-revision account of lying, (mis)trust and (dis)honesty             

Rahim Ramezanian: Dynamic Gossip     

Kevin T. Kelly: Theory Choice, Belief Revision, and Truth

Soroush Rafiee Rad: Logic of Probabilistic Updates 

Chenwei Shi: Merge truth-tracking theory and stability theory by justification

Roberto Ciuni: Resisting Total Agreement: Expert Advice, Communication and Confidence

Jürgen Landes: Belief Propagation in Epistemic Graphs for Assessing Causal Hypotheses of Harm in Pharmacology

Carlo Proietti: Understanding Group Polarization with Argumentation Graphs 

Nina Gierasimczuk: Collective Learning in Games through Social Communication

Alexandru Baltag and Suzanne van Wijk: Group Agency and Cooperative Epistemic Planning